Hey there.

This may sound weird, but I think I know you.

You’re busy.  You have a ton of things to do.  You’re just getting by day to day, trying to keep everything from spinning out of control.

And, on top of all that,  you have a home to maintain.  A yard to mow. Leaves in the gutters. A drip under the sink that we don’t like to talk about. You’re not really sure how long it’s been since you replaced the furnace filter or checked the batteries in the smoke detectors. And, you have the feeling that a repair bill is just around the corner, but you’re just hoping it won’t come.  

And not enough hours in the day to do it all.

That’s where Home Intentional comes in…

Home Intentional is about you and your home.  More specifically,  how to keep your home in its best condition, with the least amount of stress, and the least amount of money going out of your pocket as possible.  (I know you have more fun things you’d rather spend that money on… right?)

Home Intentional is also about creating and maintaining a space that allows you and your family to enjoy a calm, peaceful retreat, something we all need these days – to get a bit of rest from the always busy, always on, do more, do now, modern-day American lifestyle.  

If you join us (more about “us” can be found on the ABOUT page – or just click HERE) on this journey, I’ll do my best to share ideas, information, and guidance that will make your task easier, likely less expensive, and maybe even fun.

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Along the way, I hope to help you avoid unnecessary emergency repairs, and help you save time, save money, and ultimately, enjoy your home!  Working together, we can get this maintenance work done more efficiently.  And in the end, our goal (yours and mine!) is to create/craft a space that says “Welcome home!” every time you return.