A blog about home maintenance?


Ok, I get it.  About now you’re thinking… “A blog on home maintenance?  Really?”

Yes – really. Let me tell you why.

Ever since my dad built our family’s “dream home” when I was about 10, I have been fascinated, and perhaps a bit obsessed, with home construction. Dad took me every evening after work to see what progress had been made on our new home. And as I watched what started as a hole in the ground turn into a big pile of organized lumber, and then finally become a home that I absolutely loved – I was hooked.

Fast forward about 40 years, and I get this crazy idea to write a blog about home maintenance. I’ve had the same thoughts as you are likely having right now, and have answered the questions a time or two:

One – why would you want to write a blog about home maintenance?

Two – and more importantly, why would anyone want to read a blog about home maintenance?

Here’s the thing.  You can find info on how to repair, how to remodel, or how to renovate your home in just about a million places.  That can be great fun when you tackle a project that you’ve wanted to do for years, one that tweaks your home in a way that allows you to enjoy the space more, and makes it work and fit better for your family.

But… what about those repairs that catch you by surprise?  The ones that punch a hole in your bank account that you really could have done without?  And worse yet, the repairs that really could have been avoided, with a bit of preventative maintenance.

It seems everywhere I turn, someone is talking about how to do home repairs. No one seems to be talking about how to AVOID  home repairs!

  • If you are a seasoned homeowner, you likely KNOW what needs to be done on a regular basis, but are you actually taking the time to take those steps? Perhaps a friendly reminder, or nudge to get out there and do something would be helpful.
  • If you are a new homeowner, you may not know of all the ins and outs of your home – how everything functions, and what needs done when.  Where do you go to learn “Homeownership 101?”  

That’s where Home Intentional, and this blog come in.

After 30+ years as a building inspector, home inspector, and construction consultant, I have found that many of the most common problems homeowners face can be prevented with a bit of strategic, consistent maintenance.

I realize that spending some time and a bit of money on doing mundane home maintenance just ain’t fun.  But you know what is fun?  Taking that $1,000 you saved over the last few years on home repairs, and treating the family to a trip to your favorite vacation destination.  Or – that new, way larger than it needed to be, flat screen. Or… well you get the idea.

With just a bit of intentionality, and a bit of specific “know how” – home maintenance can be effective, efficient, and believe it or not, occasionally fun!

If you’ll stick with me here at the Home Intentional Blog – I’ll do my best to show you the steps needed to understand your home and how it can operate at its best.  I’ll consistently (once a week to start) post about how to maintain your home effectively and with the least amount of time invested, so you can spend more time doing the things you really enjoy.

And – by avoiding some of the repairs that so often pop up – we’ll keep more money in your pocket.

That’s why.

Thanks for reading!



P.S. Here in Kansas, the rain just keeps coming.  Next week, I’ll run through a few details about what to look for as you check your gutters, downspouts, and the rest of your rainwater control system.  You knew you had a “rainwater control system” – right? 🙂


Darren Emery

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