About: Darren, his family, and Home Intentional

“So why should I listen to anything this guy has to say about my home?”

Legit question.  

Glad you asked…

I’m not sure how the time went by so fast, but I recently celebrated my 49th birthday, and for some reason, on that day, it struck me – I’ve been in the home construction/inspection industry for more than 30 years.  My very first experience with home construction of any type was working as a “demo specialist”  (I got to tear things apart and throw them in the dumpster) on a home renovation project, as a summer job when I was 17.

Since that day, my entire career has revolved around homes and construction. And honestly, I have always been fascinated with homes.  From the smallest cottage to the largest mansion, a well-built and well-maintained structure is truly more than a place to live – it is HOME.

Our family has been blessed to live in structures that truly feel like home.  We haven’t had the largest, or the newest.  In fact, over our 20 years of marriage, my wife and I have lived in a 1-bedroom basement apartment, a 2-bedroom duplex, a double-wide and now a 1970’s split-entry house.  Along the way, we’ve found ways to transform each of these structures into our HOME – a refuge and retreat from the stresses of life.

One of my greatest joys has been working with homeowners to solve their problems.  Even better – providing guidance and advice that might help them AVOID problems. HOME Intentional is our effort to connect with YOU, the homeowner, and to help you solve or avoid problems. If we are successful, you will save money, reduce stress, and most importantly,  ENJOY YOUR HOME!

Interesting note  (well, I think it is interesting…):  For a long time, I kept track of the number of inspections I had conducted as an inspector, contractor, or just helping a friend with a project. A few years ago I added them all up, and realized I had done more than 10,000 inspections.  I was a bit overwhelmed by the number, and 10,000 seemed like a nice round number, so I figured I could stop counting.


Now – some details:


I am currently the Senior Code Officer for the City of Manhattan, Kansas.  Our office is responsible for issuing permits, inspecting construction, and working with property owners across the city to help maintain property conditions.

I am certified by the the ICC (International Code Council) in the following disciplines:

Certified Building Official
Building Plans Examiner
Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector
Building Inspector
Commercial Plumbing Inspector
Residential Plumbing Inspector
Mechanical Inspector
Electrical Inspector
Combination Inspector

Tracy, and the rest of the family…. details to come soon!  

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