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How to save $1K or more this winter

As a kid, I always loved those “spot the difference” pics in the newspaper and HighLights magazine (dating myself a bit there, huh?). Here’s one for you that might seem simple at first; but be careful, it might not jump out at you. Can you spot the difference?

Hose BeforeHose After

OK – this one takes a bit, but if you focus right below the faucet, and squint just right, you’ll begin to see a thousand dollar invoice from a restoration or repair company in your area.  I know – you think that’s just a hose attached to a faucet, but if that hose stays connected this winter, the water in the hose and faucet likely will freeze. If that happens, and the pipe breaks inside the wall of your home, and you happen to not be there when it does – yep, that might just be a thousand dollars (or more!) flying out of your pocket.  And have you ever noticed?  These kind of things always happen at the worst time. Right when you “really don’t need this!”

This one’s easy – remember the photo without the hose attached, and make sure your home looks the same, BEFORE the first freeze this winter!… Read more...