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Free Tip Friday – May 12, 2017

A quick check of your A/C unit might just save you some serious money this summer!


The outside portion of your A/C system (called the condenser unit) works a lot like your car’s radiator: it grabs the heat from inside your home and dissipates it into the air outside.  Any dirt, debris, or grass caught in the coils can reduce the system’s ability to work efficiently.


Make sure spring growth around the unit is not interfering with the system.  Keep all grass, flowers, shrubs (and weeds) at least 3 feet away, on all sides!


Take a closer look at the coils – they may be dirty or clogged.  If so – you might want to call an HVAC tech, or do some cleaning yourself.  Caution:  be very gentle with the coils of the unit, they are easily damaged.  And… make sure the power is off before you work on the system, because YOU are easily damaged!


Check out “10 tips to help keep you cool AND save money on your air-conditioning system this summer!” to learn more.

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Free Tip Friday – May 5th, 2017

The first time you turn on an exterior faucet after the cold winter months can be a big surprise.  And not in the “oh this is so cool” kinda way….


Take a few minutes and take a look at each exterior faucet – don’t forget that one on the side of the house you never use!. Slowly turn on each one, and check for leaks.  If possible, have someone inside near the faucet listening for any signs of a leak within the wall or floor as the water is turned on. A burst pipe due to cold weather will sometimes leak inside your home rather than out, and many a flooded basement has occurred during the first spring use of an exterior faucet!


Check the condition of the siding behind and around the faucet.  Paint or caulk if needed, to prevent further water damage this summer.


A stem leak from the faucet valve, or a bad washer on the end of your hose can cause water to spray back onto the home.  You don’t want this water to damage siding, or worse, get inside the home!  


A new 5c washer on the end of your garden hose can be a great investment.Read more...


10 tips to help keep you cool AND save money on your air-conditioning system this summer!


Summer has not officially arrived, but it is HOT here in Kansas. If you have air-conditioning, there may not be a more important home maintenance step to take than this: make sure your A/C is in top condition and ready for the stress of a long and hot summer.

This is especially important, if you value comfort or appreciate avoiding big repair bills due to an overworked, over-stressed, broken-down A/C!

An air-conditioning system is one of the most expensive systems to run in our homes. Therefore, making sure it is running at top efficiency is so very important. A little bit of work now, can save you big-time on your electric bill as the summer goes on, AND, can potentially extend the life of your system by months, if not years.

So – what can you do to keep your A/C system running at its best? Here are my top 10 tips regarding A/C maintenance:

HelpTip #1:  GET SOME HELP
! There are many home maintenance items you should tackle on your own. In my opinion, however, this is not one of them. The proper care and feeding of your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) system is something I feel warrants calling in some professional help.Read more...

Effective rainwater control can help you avoid costly home repairs.



In my experience, water is one of the most damage-inducing substances around your home (second only to fire), and is often the most preventable cause of damage.  You simply MUST make sure water is controlled on and around your home.  From roof to curb – GET THE WATER AWAY FROM YOUR HOME!

Note: this post includes numerous details that need to be covered about how to create and manage a properly operating Rainwater Control System (R.C.S.).  To help navigate a bit, and to allow you to read only the parts that really interest you, I’ve divided today’s post into three parts:  THE BOTTOM LINE, THE WHY,  and THE HOW.  If you’d like to get right to work – download a copy of this week’s  CHECK THIS!  list, and get to work!



I’ve been in a lot of homes over the years (30+ years as an inspector, over 10,000 inspections).  I’ve witnessed the same story, far too often:  thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars of foundation repair – totally avoidable, with less than $100 worth of supplies, a bit of attention, and perhaps a bit of elbow grease.

This siding damage can be fairly simple to repair, if caught early.

This siding damage can be fairly simple to repair, if caught early.


Save Money this Summer – Part 2!


Last week we talked about (well, I wrote & hopefully you read – but in this digital world we live in, that’s talking, right?) how a spring walk around your home can save you money. If you didn’t catch last week’s post ,and the story of a very confused Woody Woodpecker, click HERE. This week, I’d like to dive into some of the details, talk a bit about what kind of maintenance items to look for, and what you might find. I’ve identified seven of the most important items to check (not in any specific order). At the end of this post, you’ll find a link to a printable checklist to help with you with the process.

BTW – You’ll likely notice that I spend a great deal of time focusing on what to look for, but not a ton of time on what to do, or how to make repairs.  That’s intentional. (see what I did there?) 🙂   There are a practically limitless number of experts that can walk you through most repairs (have you searched YouTube recently?).  However, very few talk about being proactive and doing the maintenance to AVOID those repairs. That’s our niche here at Home Intentional.Read more...


How to save money on home repairs this summer – just by walking around!

Spring has sprung here in the Midwest (I know, most don’t consider Kansas to be part of the Midwest…but, Kansas is in the middle of the country, and we are west of the Mississippi, so I hope you’ll humor me). A couple of Saturdays ago,  I took my yearly “spring walk”.  I found some interesting results – and it helped me realize just how important an early spring review of the condition of our homes can be. It can save you money, if you know what to look for.

Any ideas on what caused all this damage to my roof vent? It was not hail! See the story below to find out.

My spring walk is not a power walk around the neighborhood. And it’s not all about fitness and enjoying the weather, although both are involved. I’m talking about the first chance you have to walk around your yard, really take a look at your home and the entire property, and take stock of the current condition of our home. Until/unless our home and every aspect of our property gets connected to the I.O.T. (internet of things) – we’re obligated to do this the old fashioned way. Put on your boots and get out there and see how winter has impacted your home!… Read more...