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Free Tip Friday – May 12, 2017

A quick check of your A/C unit might just save you some serious money this summer!


The outside portion of your A/C system (called the condenser unit) works a lot like your car’s radiator: it grabs the heat from inside your home and dissipates it into the air outside.  Any dirt, debris, or grass caught in the coils can reduce the system’s ability to work efficiently.


Make sure spring growth around the unit is not interfering with the system.  Keep all grass, flowers, shrubs (and weeds) at least 3 feet away, on all sides!


Take a closer look at the coils – they may be dirty or clogged.  If so – you might want to call an HVAC tech, or do some cleaning yourself.  Caution:  be very gentle with the coils of the unit, they are easily damaged.  And… make sure the power is off before you work on the system, because YOU are easily damaged!


Check out “10 tips to help keep you cool AND save money on your air-conditioning system this summer!” to learn more.

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