A blog about home maintenance?


Ok, I get it.  About now you’re thinking… “A blog on home maintenance?  Really?”

Yes – really. Let me tell you why.

Ever since my dad built our family’s “dream home” when I was about 10, I have been fascinated, and perhaps a bit obsessed, with home construction. Dad took me every evening after work to see what progress had been made on our new home.… Read more...

How to save money on home repairs this summer – just by walking around!

Spring has sprung here in the Midwest (I know, most don’t consider Kansas to be part of the Midwest…but, Kansas is in the middle of the country, and we are west of the Mississippi, so I hope you’ll humor me). A couple of Saturdays ago,  I took my yearly “spring walk”.  I found some interesting results – and it helped me realize just how important an early spring review of the condition of our homes can be.… Read more...