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The Disposal, a Clogged Drain, and a Friend to the Rescue!


A few weeks ago, Tracy and I found ourselves in the midst of a challenge here at home:  a clogged kitchen sink drain line.  And I don’t mean a little clogged.  It was CLOGGED.  Stopped.  Absolutely no water flow what-so-ever.

A little background (let it be known that I asked Tracy’s permission before posting – in fact, she helped me write this!):  My industrious wife had decided it was time to clean out the fridge.  She vaguely remembered me telling her it was appropriate to use the disposal for getting rid of food waste. This seemed the quickest, easiest and cleanest option.  In hindsight, running mass quantities of food down the disposal was a very bad idea!  Apparently – chicken, pasta and rice become a concrete-like mixture when processed through a garbage disposal!  Who knew?  Unfortunately for us, this stuff didn’t set up in the p-trap under the sink, or in the wall behind the sink.  No – it chose a spot much further down the line to set up completely.

I happen to own a 20’ snake.  It wouldn’t touch the problem (for those with a bit less plumbing experience – a snake is a drain-cleaning device that’s not much fun to operate, but really handy to have around the house).… Read more...

A blog about home maintenance?


Ok, I get it.  About now you’re thinking… “A blog on home maintenance?  Really?”

Yes – really. Let me tell you why.

Ever since my dad built our family’s “dream home” when I was about 10, I have been fascinated, and perhaps a bit obsessed, with home construction. Dad took me every evening after work to see what progress had been made on our new home. And as I watched what started as a hole in the ground turn into a big pile of organized lumber, and then finally become a home that I absolutely loved – I was hooked.

Fast forward about 40 years, and I get this crazy idea to write a blog about home maintenance. I’ve had the same thoughts as you are likely having right now, and have answered the questions a time or two:

One – why would you want to write a blog about home maintenance?

Two – and more importantly, why would anyone want to read a blog about home maintenance?

Here’s the thing.  You can find info on how to repair, how to remodel, or how to renovate your home in just about a million places.  That can be great fun when you tackle a project that you’ve wanted to do for years, one that tweaks your home in a way that allows you to enjoy the space more, and makes it work and fit better for your family.… Read more...


How to save money on home repairs this summer – just by walking around!

Spring has sprung here in the Midwest (I know, most don’t consider Kansas to be part of the Midwest…but, Kansas is in the middle of the country, and we are west of the Mississippi, so I hope you’ll humor me). A couple of Saturdays ago,  I took my yearly “spring walk”.  I found some interesting results – and it helped me realize just how important an early spring review of the condition of our homes can be. It can save you money, if you know what to look for.

Any ideas on what caused all this damage to my roof vent? It was not hail! See the story below to find out.

My spring walk is not a power walk around the neighborhood. And it’s not all about fitness and enjoying the weather, although both are involved. I’m talking about the first chance you have to walk around your yard, really take a look at your home and the entire property, and take stock of the current condition of our home. Until/unless our home and every aspect of our property gets connected to the I.O.T. (internet of things) – we’re obligated to do this the old fashioned way. Put on your boots and get out there and see how winter has impacted your home!… Read more...