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Free Tip Friday – May 5th, 2017

The first time you turn on an exterior faucet after the cold winter months can be a big surprise.  And not in the “oh this is so cool” kinda way….


Take a few minutes and take a look at each exterior faucet – don’t forget that one on the side of the house you never use!. Slowly turn on each one, and check for leaks.  If possible, have someone inside near the faucet listening for any signs of a leak within the wall or floor as the water is turned on. A burst pipe due to cold weather will sometimes leak inside your home rather than out, and many a flooded basement has occurred during the first spring use of an exterior faucet!


Check the condition of the siding behind and around the faucet.  Paint or caulk if needed, to prevent further water damage this summer.


A stem leak from the faucet valve, or a bad washer on the end of your hose can cause water to spray back onto the home.  You don’t want this water to damage siding, or worse, get inside the home!  


A new 5c washer on the end of your garden hose can be a great investment.Read more...

Effective rainwater control can help you avoid costly home repairs.



In my experience, water is one of the most damage-inducing substances around your home (second only to fire), and is often the most preventable cause of damage.  You simply MUST make sure water is controlled on and around your home.  From roof to curb – GET THE WATER AWAY FROM YOUR HOME!

Note: this post includes numerous details that need to be covered about how to create and manage a properly operating Rainwater Control System (R.C.S.).  To help navigate a bit, and to allow you to read only the parts that really interest you, I’ve divided today’s post into three parts:  THE BOTTOM LINE, THE WHY,  and THE HOW.  If you’d like to get right to work – download a copy of this week’s  CHECK THIS!  list, and get to work!



I’ve been in a lot of homes over the years (30+ years as an inspector, over 10,000 inspections).  I’ve witnessed the same story, far too often:  thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars of foundation repair – totally avoidable, with less than $100 worth of supplies, a bit of attention, and perhaps a bit of elbow grease.

This siding damage can be fairly simple to repair, if caught early.

This siding damage can be fairly simple to repair, if caught early.