Free Tip Friday – December 15, 2017

A number of readers have asked me, “Why in the world did you start blogging about home maintenance?”  Believe it or not, seeing a hose left on a home’s exterior faucet all winter long started it all.  Seeing that hose, week after week, knowing that it may lead to a burst pipe in the spring, prompted my very first blog post: How to save $1k or more this winter.  That post was all about the damage a frozen faucet can do to your home.  Many homeowners aren’t aware that leaving a hose on a faucet over the winter months greatly increases the risk of damage.  Such a simple thing – remembering to store a garden hose inside for the winter – but so often overlooked.

Although it hasn’t turned terribly cold yet here in Kansas, winter weather can’t be far away.  So I thought the timing was right to cover this topic again as this week’s Free Tip Friday. Please, take a few moments to check your exterior faucets this weekend.  Remove, drain and store the hoses if they were still attached.  This one simple step today might just prevent a flooded basement or crawlspace in the spring!

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Darren Emery

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