Free Tip Friday – December 22, 2017

Such a simple thing – change your furnace filter when needed.  Most everyone knows you’re supposed to check and change your filter regularly.

But what is “regularly”?  Everyone knows you change the oil in your car every 3 months or 3 thousand miles.  BTW – great marketing job oil industry :).  But what about the filter on your furnace/air conditioning?   A cheap filter might need changed every month.  A high-quality filter might last 2-3 months.  Some filters can be cleaned.  Others you just throw away.  If you open your windows often, change the filter more often.  If you keep ‘em shut, the filter stays clean longer.  What’s a person to do?  

My suggestion – check at least every other month, and replace when dirty.  That’s pretty simple, right?

But – let’s dig a little deeper, just for fun.  I can think of 4 excellent reasons to check & change the filter at least every 2 months:

1: SAVE MONEY –  a dirty filter makes the HVAC system run longer and harder.  Your energy bill goes up.

2: BREATH EASIER –  a clean filter, and thus a clean HVAC system means less dust in the air, and fewer allergens in your home.  Who wants dust, bacteria and mold spores floating around?

3: PEACE OF MIND – this may be a stretch for some, but I think the simple act of replacing a filter makes one feel better.  You’ve been proactive.  You’ve done the right thing.  You’ve likely saved some money.  And discipline in one area leads to success in other areas.  (ok – like I said, perhaps a stretch – but I know I feel a small sense of accomplishment when I remember to change the filter before it gets real dirty.  But then, I’ll admit, I AM a bit odd…)  

4: SAVE MONEY  – (I thought saving money was worth mentioning twice) – An HVAC system that has to run harder and more often due to a dirty filter will wear out sooner.  Who wants to buy a new (expensive) system a few years sooner than necessary?  Yeah – me neither.

Bottom line – check your filter today – and replace it if dirty!


Darren Emery

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