Free Tip Friday – December 8, 2017

Unfortunately, the number of injuries and deaths due to carbon monoxide poisoning has been rising for years.  There are a number of theories for why this is, but one thing we do know: homes are much more energy efficient these days.  And an energy efficient home does not “breath” like an older (drafty?) home.  Therefore, even low levels of carbon monoxide in a newer home can lead to CO poisoning symptoms.

Last winter I wrote an in-depth article all about Carbon Monoxide and winter home safety.  You can read that article HERE.  If you do not currently have a CO detector – and if you have any of the items in the picture above (fireplace, gas furnace, or an attached garage) … please install one ASAP.  Today would be great!  

The National Fire Protection Association has a great one page summary about where and how to install a CO detector. You can download it by clicking HERE.

Stay safe, and thanks for reading!



Darren Emery

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