What is Darren up to….right NOW?

For a bit about what a now page is… read this great summary (and the inspiration for this page) by Derek Sivers.

Website Rebuild

I’m cleaning up the Home Intentional website, doing my best to make it more helpful, and mobile friendly.

Free Tip Friday

Starting this Friday (Dec 8) I will be posting a FTF every week, for a minimum of a year.  As I’ve talked to readers, and tracked responses and views of the various form the blog has taken the last year or so… it seems to me that Free Tip Friday is the most effective way that I can serve my audience.  I’ll re-evaluate after 52 posts, but for the next year…game on!

Radical Transparency

From the start – I’ve wanted everything I do here at Home Intentional to be completely, absolutely, 100% transparent. I’ve also considered that some may want to follow this Home Intentional journey to learn a bit about the business, as much as the home maintenance advice.  Therefore, a NOW page.

And since Home Intentional is pretty much my personal brand (to learn more about the personal brand business, visit Chris Ducker – he is the master of the personal brand),  I’ll post a bit about what steps I’m taking to grow Home Intentional, some of the reasoning behind those moves, and I may even wander off onto a few more personal notes about my life, my family, and all that.

More to come!

This update was December 7, 2017.

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