Save Money this summer!

I know – it’s still winter, and spring is almost a month away.

But around here (Kansas), we seem to have just skipped right over winter weather, with temps in the 50s and 60s more often than below freezing!  This makes me wonder, how early is the warmer weather to arrive this year? Are we in for an overly warm summer?  

With warmer temperatures in mind… here’s this month’s simple step to help you save money on home repairs:

Tip #2: Schedule a spring A/C service appointment now!

In a previous blog post I went into quite a bit of detail on how to maintain, clean and service your air conditioning unit.  However,  there are a few steps I feel should be left to a professional.  Even though it does cost a bit to have your unit professionally serviced, ultimately this is money well spent.  Consider it an investment, one that pays you back in dividends of lower utility bills and a longer lifespan of your air conditioner.  

There are two main reasons I suggest you contact a professional HVAC contractor to schedule your spring A/C clean-and-check now, while it’s still cold:

1 – Avoid the busy summer rush:  late winter is typically is a fairly slow time of year for HVAC professionals, and if you contact them now (before the rest of the customers in your area start calling for service) you may just get a lower rate!

2 – By scheduling your appointment very early in the cooling season and allowing the HVAC tech to perform the first start up of the season, you are less likely to experience damage to the system as the temperatures begin to rise.  It is possible that the A/C system lost some or all of the refrigerant during the winter months.  Low refrigerant levels can cause the system to work harder than normal, and can even lead to a burned out compressor.

As you contact local professionals to inquire about a pre-season appointment, ask the contractor what steps are included in the service.   At a minimum, they should include the following:

1 – Check for proper refrigerant levels

2 – Oil motors as needed

3 – Review wiring and controls

4 – Clean evaporator and condenser coils  —  My experience has been that this one really sets the contractors apart.  Not all companies will open the duct work inside your home and check/clean the evaporator coils to ensure proper air flow.  This is critical – no matter how clean your outside unit is, and how well it is running.  If the evaporator coils inside are dirty or clogged, you’ll get less air flow and inefficient cooling.

5 – Check, clean or replace filter as needed

6 – Verify proper operation of the entire system during startup


So there ya go – a simple step – a call to your local favorite A/C service company.  As with so many things regarding home maintenance… a little money now might just save you big time later!

Thanks for reading!

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Darren Emery

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